Will You Join Me?

Will you join me, wherever you are?

I would like to start a national conversation.

I would like to challenge every person who was disappointed by the election to seek out one person who voted differently from them. Have a conversation – not an argument – with that person, and ask them to talk about why they chose what they did, and what that choice means for them and their lives and their vision for the future and their hopes and dreams. And I would ask those of us who are disappointed to simply listen, wholeheartedly, listening to understand, not to respond or to argue.

And in turn, I would ask those who are elated , who now feel as though their fortunes over the last eight years are about to be reversed, who now feel that they have been heard, to help others understand something. How do you wish that you had been treated for the last eight years? If you voted the way you did because you did not feel heard, because you felt but no one has been listening to you for the last eight years, tell us how you wish you had been treated, and consider involving and engaging those on the other side with the kind of grace and compassion and empathy that you wish someone had extended to you. That is the only way we will learn.

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